Our procedures and Common issues during Covid-19 State of Emergency Putting Safety First

Our office continues to be  operational whether in our homes or at our office.    Pursuant to the City of San Antonio's "Stay at Home" policy, Family and Probate Law Offices are considered essential businesses.  We have reduced the staff to assure your safety and ours.  Additionally, we wipe down our office after each client visits with Clorox wipes and we spray the entire office with lysol. Our building is small with light traffic and most other business within our building are closed.  Social distancing is practiced.   

We are available for phone consultations, video conferencing and email communications. Below please find some common questions and answers that we have been asked:

Q: Is the Huron Law firm Open?

A: Yes, the Huron Law Firm, LLC, remains open. Additionally, the Huron Law firm continues to provide essential services to clients including but not limited to: representing clients in emergency and other critical functions, obtaining orders of protection for victims of domestic violence, preparing last will and testaments and other estate planning documents, and filing for temporary administrations of estates as well as temporary or permanent guardianships.

Q: Do I still have to pay child support if my income is reduced or I have lost my job?

A: Yes, the current obligation continues, if you want to reduce it or stop it, you MUST file a Motion to Modify based on material and substantial changes in circumstances.  While we may not be able to schedule a hearing, the Court will have the authority to make any reduction or temporary change retro-active to the time you file the Motion to Modify.  The court can also consider unemployment benefits as income to reduce child support temporarily.  

Q: Can I get a court date on my case during this time?

A: Yes, while "essential matters" will receive priority, Bexar County and other Counties have implemented a hearing by Zoom process.  Rules and procedure has been established to request a hearing and to schedule a date and time with all participants and witnesses appearing by Zoom.   Our office is capable and prepared to conduct hearings pursuant to the rules. 

Q. What is Zoom and do I have to have access? 

A. Zoom is an on line video conferencing application.  You do not have to have an account or computer.  It can be accessed through your phone by calling in the numbers provided or joining a meeting when you are provided the key number and password.  Our office is equipped to conduct Zoom hearings and conferences.  There is no cost to join or participate.  

Q: How soon can I speak with a Huron Law Attorney?

A: We encourage you to call, email us, or contact us on the contact page using our website to set up an appointment to speak with an attorney. You will receive a response within 24 hours.


Q. How is this affecting visitation and custody orders that don't provide for the current state of affairs.

A: The Texas Supreme Court and each County has instituted rules and guidelines for parents and their children.  The first concern is safety and health.  As a general rule, all current custody and visitation orders are in effect and need to be complied with, including visitation periods and pickup and drop off as stated in the order.  If you have a concern contact us for guidance. 

Q. Can I still file a divorce, family or probate case.

A: Yes,  all filing is done by the Texas efile process.  And cases are being accepted daily on all matters.  

Q. I am an existing client, am I still being served?

A: Absolutely, we continue to service our existing clients, the only issue is not being able to schedule hearings that are not considered "essential" by the courts.  Otherwise, we continue to engage, communicate with other attorneys and service your case. 

Q. Can I still mediate my case?

A: Yes, mediators are still scheduling cases and we are able to do the mediation by video or in person if a safe environment can be assured. 

Check back to this page as we will continue to provide status and updates as they develop.